Code of Conduct

  • Code of Conduct

    As part of the community of Pitman, our school is a place which supports its Code of Ethics. To help us live up to these standards to the best of our abilities, we will follow our Codes of Conduct.



     I don't have to be perfect, but I will be the best that I can be by taking care of my body and my mind.

     I understand that others are different, and I will treat them kindly no matter how they look, what they can do, what they believe, or where they are from.

     I will show respect for others by making my own good problem-solving choices which are not verbally or physically harmful or dangerous to me or others.

     I will be a considerate citizen at home, in school, and in the community by using good manners in all situations.

     I will follow the rules wherever I am because rules help make my home, school, and community safe and peaceful places to learn and play.

     I have the right and responsibility to say "I don't know," "I don't agree," and "I don't understand," in a calm and polite manner.

     I am responsible for my home, school, and community and will treat the grounds, buildings, and possessions with respect by not damaging, stealing, or breaking things.



     I will be a valuable member of my family, school, and community by accepting responsibility for myself: what I do, what I say, and the choices I make.



     I will be a trustworthy person; I will do my own work, accept the rules of my efforts, and tell the truth.


    I understand that good things can come from following our Codes of Conduct, however, there will also be negative consequences when I choose not to follow them.