PHS Athletics General Information

  • Welcome to the Pitman HS Athletics Department

    Key Contacts:

    Athletic Director: Grant Shivers
    856-589-2121, x1304

    Athletic Trainer/Coordinator: Jennifer Smith, ATC
    856-589-2121, x1303


    Other Information:

    Athletic Physicals:  Athletic physicals, which are required for athletic competition, are to be completed by your family physician. You are encouraged to make your appointments now

    Download 2022-2023 Athletic Forms Packet

    Download Parent Approval Form

    Download Extra-curricular Student Contract Form

    Download Heatlh History Update Questionnaire 



    Forms can also be picked up in the high school main office. **Please note...every line item must be completed.  The physician signs the form and affixes his office stamp in the rectangular box. If you have any questions please call the Athletic Director's office.

    Eligibility:  To be eligible for athletic participation during the first semester of a school year, a pupil must have passed 27.5 credits as required by the State of New Jersey during the immediately preceding academic year. To be eligible for participation during the second semester, a pupil must have passed 13.75 credits as required by the State of New Jersey at the close of the preceding semester. This reflects the eligibility requirements of N.J.S.I.A.A. to which we adhere and support. 

    Starting with the class of 2014, students must earn 15 credits after the 1st semester & earn 30 credits for the school year to be eligible. 

    A student who has commenced participation in an athletic program will remain eligible for the remainder of that sports season as per N.J.S.I.A.A. eligibility requirements.  Students who are medically excused from physical education are not eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics unless specifically approved by the principal.

    An athlete becomes ineligible for high school athletics if he/she attains the age of nineteen prior to September 1st.

    Pitman High School Academic Requirements for Student-Athletes

    Any student who fails 2 or more subjects, in marking periods 1-3 will become ineligible to participate or the following marking period within the current school year. Reinstatement may occur when grades are reevaluated at the end of the following marking period.

    Students who withdraw from a class with a failing grade are regarded in the same manner as stated above.
    Students with an incomplete may not participate until all work has been finished (maximum 10 days for completion)

    Transportation of Student-Athletes

    Student-athletes are expected to travel with their team to and from away contests. The only exception would be by prearrangement made with the parents, coach, and athletic director. Parents must submit a note to the athletic director releasing their child from the school's travel arrangements. If travel will be with the parent of another athlete, the parent must give the athletic director a photocopy of the license, registration, and insurance policy.