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                                                       Principal’s Message from Dr. Cherie Hill Lombardo

    Dr. Lombardo Pitman High School is a community of learners, consisting of approximately 350 students and 50 staff members.  We are proud to offer a wide array of course offerings and multiple pathways to meet the needs of our student body, as we prepare all our students for success beyond high school. Our array of courses in STEAM, Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Business, Visual and Performing Arts, Social Studies and World Language provide our students with unique experiences that focus their learning in a self-selected area of study.  In addition, we offer multiple Advanced Placement and Honors-level courses as well as focused individualized education plans for all levels. We continually monitor our course offerings and programs to ensure that they provide our students with rigorous and relevant learning.

    At Pitman High School, we strive to create a learning environment where each student and each staff member feels welcomed, valued, and respected.  We place a very high priority on the social and emotional well-being of our students and staff. Our goal is to support our students to become kind, responsible, respectful, honest and hard-working adults.  With an approximate 7:1 ratio of students to staff, it allows for all students to be recognized and appreciated for their dedication to learning and their success, no matter the level. 

    We are fortunate to have the resources that provide our students with athletic and co-curricular opportunities to further their development and to broaden their horizons.  Our athletic program supports teams across three seasons, and we offer students the opportunity to participate in different clubs and organizations. These opportunities allow our students to explore and to pursue passions outside of the classroom, which enrich their high school experience.


    Proven Graduate Success

    Pitman High School graduates will be ready to take their places as productive citizens in the world.  Our graduates will possess the marketable skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the 21st century, will demonstrate character and integrity in everything they do, and will be equipped with essential tools with which to build happier, more fulfilling lives.  They will commit themselves to realizing their full potential as individuals, taking on leadership roles, and investing their energy in making contributions to society.  

    Graduates will be critical thinkers and problem solvers, fluent in many literacies, who actively seek out the truth and analyze facts and data to solve problems and make decisions.  They will be capable of extracting meaning from diverse experiences, and will feel comfortable taking risks, posing challenging questions and discovering innovative solutions.  They will possess strong written and public speaking skills, which will allow them to persuasively communicate information and ideas, as well as to negotiate and resolve differences.  They will incorporate and use technology as an integral part of their daily lives. Through participation in group activities, they will recognize the value of teamwork. Students will graduate as life-long learners who appreciate both the humanities and sciences as the keys to understanding societies across time and place.


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    Educational Background 

    St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia, PA-English Literature Major

    Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ-Educational Administration

    Widener University-Chester, PA-Educational Leadership

    Professional Experiences

    Millville Senior High School, Millville, NJ-English teacher

    Millville Senior High School, Millville, NJ-Assistant Principal of Curriculum

    Woodstown Regional High School, Woodstown, NJ-Superior of Guidance

    Glassboro High School, Glassboro, NJ-Assistant Principal of Discipline & Attendance

    Pitman High School, Pitman, NJ-Principal (2003-present)